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Kenric B. Ware, PharmD, MBA, AAHIVP, Associate Professor

South University School of Pharmacy, Columbia, SC  

Kenric B. Ware is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at South University School of Pharmacy. Kenric coordinates and lectures in numerous courses including Microbiology /Immunology, Clinical Epidemiology/Biostatistics, and Infectious Disease series. Kenric serves as an advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) preceptor at Cooperative Care Centers in Columbia, SC. Kenric is actively involved with the South Carolina HIV Planning Council. Within this role, Kenric serves as the chairperson of the Needs Assessment Committee. Additionally, Kenric is an active participant on the statewide HIV Fetal Infant Mortality Review Committee in South Carolina. Regionally, Kenric participates as a South Carolina member of the Southeastern AIDS Education and Training Center Advisory Committee. Nationally, Kenric serves on the American Academy of HIV Medicine’s Southeastern Regional Steering Committee and Public Policy Committee. Kenric recently joined the Board of Directors for Joseph H. Neal Health Collaborative and Building Leadership and Community Knowledge, organizations based in Columbia, SC and Chicago, IL, respectively. 

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