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Our Story

Joseph H. Neal is a 501(C) (3) committed to helping create a world in which health equity and human dignity, equal protections, social justice, and holistic care proliferate, regardless of illness, disability, race, sex, class, sexual or gender identity or other cultural, social, political, economic or geographic distinctions.

Our agency offers free health care screenings for HIV/AIDS, STIs, HEP C, & Syphilis. We provide PrEP, PEP, and condoms as preventive measure from contracting transmitted diseases.   We assist with health, dental, and social supportive services referrals while strengthening health education using community outreach engagements and advocacy.


Mission & Vision
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Our Mission

The Joseph H Neal Health Collaborative aims to address injustice and health inequalities through faith, collaboration, and resources to help build and empower communities.

Our Vision

The Joseph H Neal Health Collaborative envisions a just world of healthy communities, empowered people, and prosperity for all.

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Our Values


We are devoted to providing high quality and compassionate care and resources, that assist in the overall welfare of our patients and community.


Embracing and cultivating a respectful environment for our underserved populace is our mission.


Safety is at the core of our workplace values. We are committed to safely delivering care and resources to our community.


Prioritizing the specific needs of our patients and community through custom care and resources is key.

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